The School Built in Dhading

The school built in Dhading by our Nepal Children organisation and Jeannine Willinier the founder of Nepal Children organisation Switzerland in February 2021.

Dhading is around 90 km far from Kathmandu. But in the particular area where we built the school is occupied by the Chhepang people. There are 123 languages spoken in Nepal which are very different from each other and Chhepang is one of them. Not a single family has a good economy background to help their children get proper education. Not only the economic background the family consist of many children and is also a joint family. The corona virus started from December 2019 and Nepal Children organisation worked hard to gather donations from all around the world to build the school in that area. After we gathered some amount we started our project from October 2020 where our first step was to gather the permission from the Nepal Government. After months we finally got our permission and I gathered my staffs who worked for our Amis Himalaya Adventure for trekking and expeditions to give a hand in our project. Every day we started our work from 6 in the morning till 8 in the evening. With all the hardwork we successfully completed our project in 32 days. We called the local government officials and the engineering team and handed the school key to the school management. The head of the VDC applaused us for our hard work and he told the public to learn about hard work and dedication to a particular work from Nepal Children organisation and the team. He also praised the Sherpa’s for their work after that i was also given a moment to speak and I told them that nothing is impossible. If we give our 100% then we will get the 100% result with our hard work and dedication. I also said that we Nepal Children organisation will return again and support the people there. During the project started my didi (sister) Jeannine Willinier was the one who worked very hard and during the end she even gave her own money to complete the project as we got shortened from the donations. Not only the school but we are looking after 105 children by providing them the scholarship continuously. Due to the second wave of the Covid-19 Nepal is again in lockdown till further notice and during this period many parents have requested us to help their children every day. Those who have helped through my sister Jeannine Willinier to build and complete our Dhading project I would like to join my hands and thank you all from my heart for your love and support.