Our Journeys

I was born in a remote village of Solukhumbu Hewa village. At the time of by birth, the village was far more remote than this time by every means and sense. I could not go to school due to the extreme poverty of my parents and further more children added them difficulties to provide us the education. So, I could not even see the school or let me say I was ignorant with the word SCHOOL. At the age of 16, I entered Kathmandu with some of the young friends of my own village searching opportunities to make life better as I knew by the time that education plays immense and extensive role for better living, spiritually, morally, and economically and honestly in large!!!!!!!!!!

I can remember of those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roamed Kathmandu with empty belly for several days. Luckily I had an opportunity to go for a Trek in the region of Annapurna as a trekking porter!! I was paid the least but I had no choice!! This is the start of my life in this profession!!! Since then until now, I have my involvement in this occupation.

More interesting this is this that I had extreme level of wish to be able to read and write which could facilitate my profession plus could make me LITERATE. With the money I earned from the Trek, I did not buy Jacket, shoes and other things which were of top urgent for me but I joined English Tuition classes!! When I felt the language was difficult for me to grasp, I tried to know the reason behind it! Finally, I came to the conclusion that I was so because I did not know to read and write my mother language and the national language too!! I tried a lot to come to this state, finally I am now what I am!!
I speak English language and little France language – Hindi-Language Tibetan- Nepalese-Language - Sherpa language and I used to work 15 years with other trekking company porter and climbing and guide and trekking Guide Finally, I opened AMIS HIMALAYA ADVENTURE Trekking company in Kathmandu Nepal and NEPAL CHILDREN ORGANISATION with Jeannine Williner >>>>

Then again I was consistent to continue with the trekking which led me to become a trekking guide. Life does not stand stationary!! I kept on trying to go high up! I dreamt of succeeding Mt. Everest. But before that I had to have enormous trainings to fit me. Hence, I took mountaineering training in Thame in 2001 which I succeeded well. Then after so many trainings which helped me to climb many 8000 plus peaks and other peaks of expeditions. Finally, I conquered Mt. Everest…….. They first time year was 2007, and continue 5 times EVEREST in the spring season!! I began to earn some money after this. I married with Ngawang Lhamu Sherpa of Solukhumbu!

I had first child in 2008 and second 2017 and then I began thinking of her life. and His life Education is a must for her. While thinking of her life and his life and education, I recalled those day when I was ignorant of School and importance of education. Since then I thought that why not I involve myself in any association which helps supply education to those children who are from poor family, especially those parent’s children who are directly or indirectly have involvement in the trekking!! Hence, I started finding some sponsors during my visit to Swiss to support the education of the children. And I remained lucky enough to find some generous persons who are supporting now. And I think I am very lucky from 2015 and registered NEPAL CHILDREN ORGANISATION >>>>>>>>>>> Right now we give a scholarship to orphan children and very poor children’s who loss father or mother help the child who doesn’t have home and have lost their parents in the earthquake right now we are helping 92 children around in Nepal By that money they will be able to buy foods, clothes and studying materials so they will study continually in the future because many children have left their study from the middle due to no economy sources. You know here are lots of poor families of poor country many of them unable to send their children in school dew to very poor financial condition, and many poor children’s are orphan because of 10 years insurgency in Nepal. And by earthquake t for selection of children the child must be orphan and aged below 3 years. And next the child must not have either father or mother or father mother and he/ she must be very poor the children must be below 3 years of age. So I am very happy to work this sector our small help they can change them life.
I think now a day’s who don’t know education that person is like fish without of water