Lhamu Chhoti sherpa

Her name is Lhamu Chhoti who reads in class 10 in Solukhumbu and we are giving her the scholarship because she doesn’t have father and mother. We are looking after her as our own child. In November she fell into an accident where hot water fell over her and her face burned and was like this but our Jeannine Williner of NEPAL CHILDREN ORGANISATION was in Nepal to distribute the 3 months scholarship for the children. She paid for all the expenses that went under the treatment of Lhamu. We took Lhamu in wooden basket (doko) from our village to Phaplu hospital in Solukhumbu but due to lack of good treatment in the hospital we tried to bring Lhamu to Kathmandu in plane but due to bad weather we fail that attempt so we brought her in the jeep at 4 pm and reached Kathmandu at 2 am in the morning and directly admitted her in the hospital. Jeannine Williner and Christian Niederwieser didn’t sleep from the time they had entered the jeep till the morning because they were thinking what would have happened to Lhamu if they were not there because Lhamu didn’t have money for treatment and now by Jeannine’s help Lhamu has recovered as before and has been continuing her study in the school.