Muna Maya Tamang

Muna maya tamang is one the children whom we are helping to study and have a good life. In 2015 the massive earthquake that took place in Nepal took her mother away from her. She is living with her father and belongs to a poor family background. The below words written by Muna maya tamang are translated to you.

Dear sir Kanchha Nurbu Sherpa.

Thank you I hope you all are fine there. I am doing well here. I want to thank you a lot because you helped me and i am very happy. I am reading in grade 8 and I want to go on reading being an obedient, good student with your blessings. I do not know your name and I haven’t seen you until now but I want to thank you all for helping me and I want to share good life to everyone.
Thank you.

Your lovely student MUNA MAYA TAMANG
grade 7 Address: Jamrang village, Sindhupalchowk.

I would like to say to Muna maya Tamang not to worry about her study as we are here to help you always and we will look after you. Stay strong, read well and have a good life.

Kanchha Nurbu Sherpa Founder of NEPAL CHILDREN ORGANISATION Kathmandu Nepal.