Hewa School

The school we made in Hewa village is complete.
Our Nepal Children organisation have helped Hewa school by putting carpets in the children’s class room and teacher room to keep them warm in winter even in the cold and we have made a way for the water to flow outside the school from behind by keeping pipes so that the water won’t reach in the classes room,

And 2016 we did already for Hewa school………….
This is the photo of the school of Solukhumbu Taksindu Hewa Village which is completed and made due to the help of Jeannine Williner of OUR NEPAL CHILDREN ORGANISATION. In winter season it feels a lot of cold inside the class because the walls of the class in the school is made just with rocks which are not plastered and many children of Nepal in rural areas do not have money to buy the socks and shoes to bear the cold in the mountains but now by the help of Jeannine Williner of NEPAL CHILDREN ORGANISATION the children feel no cold because mattress have been pinned down on the walls and covered by the ply wood so that the children and the teacher feel warm in the class in the winter and now the class enough for the children to bear the cold in the winter and so they can continue their study. Now all the children, teachers and the villagers have thanked Jeannine Williner of NEPAL CHILDREN ORGANISATION a lot for her contribution her help and love for the children and the school of my village.

I would like to thank all the donators to make this possible.